Next DC Tasting

Looking forward, any dates work for people? Late March?

March is pretty open for me at the moment, any weekend

I’ll be in town (downtown DC March 18-21). Would be up for meeting some of you at Churchkey some night. Don’t want to Metro it all over the place…I can bring some Idaho goodies. Does Churchkey allow you to open anything other than theirs?

ChurchKey has been cool with sharing a little outside beer in the past, though most of their previous bar staff has turned over so I’m not sure how it is now. Wouldn’t hurt to try I suppose.

I’ll definitely be there Sunday, after I check into my hotel. Walking distance for me, so high ABV won’t be an issue

I’m down for something in March. Got a ton of stuff still, and not all of it from Panama this time, haha. I can host on April 14 and possibly March 10 as well.

WIsh I could make it, but I won’t be back in the DC area until May,

I’m going to a concert on the 10th, but Apr14 would probably work for me. Far enough in advance that I can put it on the calendar.

Wait, turns out 14th won’t work, I’ll look at my calendar and try to figure something out in April

If the weekend worked for me, I’d drive down.

I think any weekend in April should probably work. I think if someone else can host, that’d be better. I can do something in May. If the weather is nice the garage will be a great spot to do a tasting.

What about April 1? Fool’s day tasting?

Screw you Alberta swine

*Sorry, I meant Fool’s day tasting dedicated to @dclawyer’s life history

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By the way, @stevoj I’d probably be down for bombing churchkey when you are in town

I could do the first

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April 1st should work for me.

Ok, lets do it fools. April 1st. 1pm?

Tasting theme: Eisbocks, Faro Lambic and krystalweizens

Are those Church-approved styles for Easter?