Next 'Spoons fest beer list

Everything I expected and less:
(list is near the bottom of the web page, blue download button).


Couple of county ticks from my lower rated ones … but that’s about it !

May pop to the Falcon but won’t loose sleep if I don’t !

I can’t wait to Spoon with @Theydon_Bois in less than a week!


There are a couple beers in there that I’d like to try but other than that I can’t get excited. I can think of at least 10 to 15 pubs in Leicester that have a better lineup than Spoons these days. JDW may still have their uses, and some are better than others, but from a beer ticking perspective they’ve outworn their usefulness for me.

hey I may even do this one. completely missed October last year

That list doesn’t look too shabby to me, I have two Spoon’s in Shrewsbury and two in Telford that I can use. One in each town is decent, the other one not so good.

I will try and visit the better ones during the festival; three rates (thirds) for £1:65 isn’t to be sniffed at.


I wonder where all those firkin casks are now?


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Potentially ‘in the sea’ - think Shrewsbury Hotel would have struggled anyway, the flood crippled them as far as cellaring is concerned


According to the daily rags Tim Martin is planning a Spoons re opening in June. Doubt he will try and have the festival though.