Next tasting

So when’s the next tasting? I’m around almost all of April, not available the 13th but otherwise fine. I’m gone most of mid May, back around the end.

I can’t do the 27th, but I can do pretty much any other day as far as I know.

My schedule is very hit and miss.

When is Dick back? If I put it on my calendar far enough in advance then I could host late May/early June for one.

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I’m available April 14 or 21

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I won’t be back until early May. Late May would be ideal. I am writing from Decorah IA, where I have scored quite a haul.

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I could do the 21st…

21st cool here probably

That’s nearly quorum…

Will be back home before the 21st, so if there is a tasting, I can attend. Have lots of beer to bring.

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Sweet. Somebody message Alejandro and Kevin

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I will hit up Kevin. Who’s hosting? Assuming an afternoon start?

Looks like I can host. 1pm? Also, @beastiefan2k said he wasn’t logging in anymore right? Somebody reach out to him. Also @wutangfinancial @maniac … who else??

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BTW i have managed to acquire every Faroe Islands beer…

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I’ll definitely get down for a tasting again one of these days, but definitely won’t be able to swing Easter day.

Didn’t realize that’s what it was. Still, I’m fine if others are down

Oh yikes, yeah can’t do Easter. I have a brunch with my wife and parents smack in the middle of the afternoon. That’s what I get for not looking closely at the calendar. I might be able to swing by to do some cleanup after ~6pm if it still is going on that day, but I certainly don’t want to impose if there’s a hard stop.

If that ends up not happening, I can do the following: 13, 14, 20, 27, 28. I have a morning obligation on the 27th, so I probably won’t be around until mid-afternoon that day.

This weekend I certainly can’t do. Later this month probably OK,

I can’t do the 27th or 28th.

Not sure what that leaves then. Damn easter bunny. Perhaps we wait till late may early june when @Iphonephan and @westchesterwhatever are around? I’ll be out most of mid may

i happened to have checked my throw-away account where I get my RB notices.

I’d love to be part of a tasting but this Sunday is no good. Its not only Easter but Passover for us chosen people. So, unless we wanted to do a mead and cider tasting I’m off beer for a week.

I’m trying to quit RB, please email me in the future for tastings, I have too much to share. eugenebotanov at g mail