Apparently there are a couple of pubs in Leeds that will only allow you entry if you check in with said App. If you don’t have a smart phone nor, as in my case, have a phone where the App will not work then you don’t get in. Anyone else come across this yet anywhere else?
I must say that if a pub refuses me entry due to my phone then they would never see me again and will find themselves called out on Social Media, but that’s just my feeling.


Not happened to me yet - but I’m dreading it ! Have great difficulty scanning QR codes on my phone for a start …

Both Oxford pubs so far are NHS QR entry but relented to manual when I insisted. Trump wouldn’t allow development for my phone by Google so what can you do?

Get Xiaomi instead of Huawei. :smiley:

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To tell you the truth, I’m happy with my current position, why would I want to be locked down just because someone 30ft away got a sniffle, might not have even been in the same room. Happy that my phone can’t take the app actually as long as I can still get around.

I have downloaded it against my better judgment. I doubt I’m going to go out much in the coming months.

Good for you, I feel the same. No way I would download this infringement. I’m amazed that Pubs would turn away people given how tight business must be.

My wife still has a huawei phone and the NHS app works on that

All pubs I’ve been to so far have a book in case you can’t scan the qr code. That’s a sensible approach.

I do have a few other grumbles though. Went into Llandudno after a 50 mile ride to Llanrwst and back on Monday. Packed. 15 min wait for a table. Customers were standing at a barrel outside, so I asked if I could stand by my bike and drink. No, I had to have a barrel or table. A guy offered to share his large picnic table, but I wasn’t allowed as he wasn’t in my ‘bubble’. Eventually a couple took pity on me and left early. Server comes out, rushed off his feet and asks what I want. I don’t know as I couldn’t look at the bar. He doesn’t have a list. FFS pick an IPA and give me that.

2nd bar in Chester during a 2hr wait to change trains. Empty, no-one there. I walk in. “sorry, that’s the exit, do you mind going back out and walking in through this door?” But I’m already in. I have to walk out, and through another door back to where I am standing?? FFS.

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Absolutely pathetic, especially the last example

Downloaded the app and used the qr checkin. I am happy to be able to keep going to the pub but also keep safe for me and others.

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It’s built in faults worry me. You may not even be in the same room, building as the infected person but still be called out as having to isolate. Also it does appear (apparently) that there is a level of 2 iterations i.e the person who is lingering outside the window of the pub you are sat in has been close(ish), within Bluetooth range, to a person who may have Covid symptoms earlier. It all seems a bit too much of a sledgehammer approach to me at the moment.

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I have to say that ‘Boris Hour’ with everyone leaving pubs, clubs and restaurants at the same time is the daftest thing so far. In Oxford there was total chaos last night, everyone queuing to get taxi’s, buses and in my case, trains at the same time, carnage as many had drunk very quickly and showing it. If anything is going to spread Covid19 this stupid decision is it I’m guessing.

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Agree with both of your posts. The app is useless for pubs , I thought the idea was that people socially distanced in the pub, therefore why would you need this infringement. It may be of use if you travel on the bus perhaps. Finishing at 10pm for all, instead of a staggered approach will lead to more infections, perhaps that’s the plan ?!

Colleagues of mine went out in Liverpool on Wednesday, they said it was chaos, people far more drunk and earlier. Essentially for many, they start earlier and drink faster :partying_face:

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My phone has no memory left* so didn’t want to download any more apps. The only place I’ve fiind that needed an app to get in was BrewDog and the waitress just used her phone to check me in.

*When it comes things like phones and laptops I tend to wait 12-24 months before getting around to replacing it and then spend about 5 minutes shopping around. This pandemic may spur me on to replacing the phone which has been telling me it’s critically low on memory for about 18 months

Went to the Oakengates triangle last night (Fighting Cocks, Station and The Crown) and was shocked at how dead it was. I have only ever known those places full, barflies along the bar, loads of groups and regulars every night of the week. For the entire hour in the Station we were the only people there. Reduced tap list. The rest were the same, reduced tap list, ropey cask that had been been on all week.

Can only imagine this is the same in small towns around the country. And it wasn’t even much inconvenience to sign in, wear a mask and have our order taken at the table. Are locals really happy to see their pubs decline in this way? @BlackHaddock

I think a lot of people have just given up going out for a pint now. I certainly have. However I am surprised Oakengates was empty, as you say it’s usually very busy.

I have only been to Oakengates once since the Lock In (since March!), a Friday afternoon and it was quiet then. Cask beer quality was poor and as you mention, less choice than usual.

I fear for some pubs, but I am not prepared to be given poor conditioned Real Ale at full price in an atmospheric vacuum like some places have turned into; it’s a self perpetuating problem of course, not too sure how it’ll all turn out.


As an aside, I was reading that the 10:00pm curfew was not based on scientific advise. Whoever makes the decisions (the cabinet, Cummings, a magic 8-ball?) wanted to make put some symbolic measures in place in order to demonstrate that things have changed. So that’s why they have fucked over the hospitality industry and gone for a move that’s completely (and predictably) backfired in cities like Liverpool.

The fact that the curfew does not apply to the bar in Westminster would also seem to be symbolic, although that’s more of a ‘fuck you, proles’.


I too feel worried about the direction that pubs are having to go through, they seem to be the whipping boys for the Eton elite that we are lumbered with. If they feel they have to give the proles a nudge, give the pubs and hospitality industry a kicking and that will teach them.
Real Ale as we know it might have to be sacrificed as the pubs in general aren’t getting the turn over and keg at least lasts longer and can be sold at a premium.
Pubs, as you say, are becoming atmospheric vacuums under the current draconian rules, there has not been any mass transfer of virus within pubs, I saw a figure of 3% of the current cases were likely picked up in pubs and yet that seems to be enough for it to be a problem for Pratt Hand-on-cock. There is no fun in queuing at the door to be lead to a seat / table, no fun in not being able to see for yourself what is available, no fun in not being able to join in with others in chat and discussions.
In Oxford last Friday we waited at the door to get into what turned out to be an empty pub (on a Friday night!), signed in, explaining that we couldn’t do the Snooper QR Code, walked in, saw what was offered at the bar and subsequently left, a real pain in the derriere. We have tried to keep up visiting pubs to help out but not sure how long we will be able to suffer the misery of it.

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