Nice article about two new Lambic producers

Came across this article in an email newsletter about two new Lambic producers in Belgium. just FYI for those interested


When I first came across Belgoo a decade ago, my impression from the unsophistacated stuff that came out of their bottles was that they were jumping on a bandwagon, more marketting than mastery. Not actually bad, more like “why do we need another mediocre example of these styles? [*]”.

To see them now make lambic makes me worried that they’re professional bandwagon jumpers. As a rampant ticker, I shall probably have the chance of inflicting their produce upon myself.

[* I now undersand why - FOR THE TIX!]

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It has been recently pointed out to me that there is an even newer lambiek producer out there now, Den Herberg has also made lambiek.

Up until 2 years ago or so Belgoo commissioned their beers at fairly traditional brewers, their products were quite fair for what they were supposed to be.

When they switched to their own facility they started experimenting almost instantly with hoppier Belgian beers in an old school De La Senne / De Ranke etc. fashion. These beers are fairly good in my opinion, they are sold largely in the Brussels area it seems.

They are a commercially minded brewery (as all sensible breweries should be), their switch to either sides isn’t fully commercially inclined, they have their own facility now, smaller batches are easier & they are interested in trying out things.

They are not an essential brewery or the best one but they are above average at what they do in my opinion.

I have had their lambiek, it was extremely young so hard to judge, I liked it but it wasn’t something that everyone or even most people would like. I quite enjoyed Brett-Elle.


how pricey will these be?