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No mention displayed for Closed Places on the Place page


Closed and still shows up on the map

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It will show on the map if you go through that Closed Place page.
It is not showing on the map if you go through other Place Page (try the Toad n Turtle map for example) or through the City map https://www.ratebeer.com/places/city/calgary/52/0/

It’s a good thing to be able to see where it was located. I would add a CLOSED PLACE filter especially for that.

@aww @services **we still don’t have any kind of indication that a place is closed on the Place page.
It would be easy to add a Out of Business image in the Header…


Just pushing this @services ! Please indicate if a place is closed on the place page!

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Hi everyone, we now indicate that a place is closed on the place profile page! We still aren’t filtering closed places on the map, but we’ll start working on that soon.

From the City Pages, Closed Places URLs are still showing the old pages instead of the new ones. Could you fix that as well?

After editing a place, we also are redirected to the old place page instead of the new one.

Could the PERMANENTLY CLOSED mention be displayed bigger/ be more evident?