No one really cares, but

I have just completed my little backlog. So I am now completely up to date. I notice that the guys above me have slowed down or stopped rating, which is a shame, some however are ‘ticking’. @SudsMcDuff , @Hansen ,@jackl, @DruncanVeasey are the four in question.

Still sat at # 161 in the world rankings currently but that will change if the four named above don’t start up again soon.

My unique brewery position has moved up a notch or two though, but there again the people I have overtaken might have stopped rating too (haven’t checked).


PS: why have only two of the @ worked?

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Because the other two arent registered in the new forums I guess…

I care for your backlog Jeremy.

I’ve been making a big effort to clear mine these past months.

Reckon I have 300 or so to go … approx 100 from this year’s MBCC and approx 200 from Warsaw beer festival (April 2017).

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I’ve done the exact opposite, I’m probably at 300+, at least 85 Alaskan alone. I need to get set up in my new place and start hacking away at it. At least the way I take notes puts them in a file on my yahoo mail, so I have access at all times if not on my phone. Easy to cut and paste too

Josh Oakes is only 92 beers behind me and should overtake me this summer.

Don’t drink enough myself to get backlogs, but glad to see that fellow Brits whose reviews I value are getting up to date - thanks all, I do care!

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Just rate straight on to here as I drink. It’s unreadable illiterrate garbage but I have no backlog.

The only time I had a backlog was when I used a notebook at last year’s Cotts Convention and Sarky Northerner had to post it to me when I left the notebook behind. Did the same at Beavertown but only wrote three or so rates in the notebook so did them from memory. Philistine.

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I’ve never had much of a backlog. But also struggle to make it up the overall ranking. Currently at about 220ish so I assume lots of people still rating big numbers above me.

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If I blink I might miss @Grumbo as he flies past me into the top 200.


I must have a backlog of at least 1000, maybe a lot more, 4-5 notebooks and a lot of scrap paper. I like to revisit them a year or so later as i enter them, because usually once i enter a beer here that is the last I think of it. I would, of course, rather have them all up to date. I don’t rate at festivals, which causes some cognitive dissonance, but I think that is for the best.

Congrats on defeating the backlog.

I’m barely hanging on in the top 100. Then again, there are few non active former heavyweights just a few ahead of me.