No thread for the Spoons Fest?

Asking for a friend!

I didn’t even know it was on.

20 beers this time, I’ve already rated 5 before, so only 15 to try for me.

Not very ‘crafty’, but some solid traditional breweries on the list, plus a County Meath tick.


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I’ll start next years now

There’ll be 3 beers

One rumoured to be Ruddles !

Sometimes Colin, you can be very cruel.


I’ve been poking my head round more Spoons that normally lately. So far I’ve sampled 9 of the 20. The 5 I’ve reviewed so far have all been already listed on RB. Reviews of the other 4 coming up shortly …

Cheers ears. Picked up six ticks on the way home from work. Being two pints ahead may or may not bode well for our monthly beer tasting tonight :beers:

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Teh four outstanding reviews now added. All beers already listed, but some only recently added, thanks to @Deanso who seems to have drunk all 20 already.

It’s a bit of a stretch to actually call it a Festival really.

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Took my three weeks but my entry is ready.


Yeah, I can’t imagine bothering anymore. It’s such a shame, it was a good festival in its heyday but these days your average beer pub beats a Spoons festival lineup. If the Last Plantagenet was still around I’d probably have poked my head in and tried a couple as I pass it often.

In the past I’d not bothered too much, but both local Spoons have had a complete cellar refit earlier this year towards end of lockdown, and all the beers were tasting tip top. Cask in perfect condition is sadly not so common nowadays, almost novelty in fact, so I’m glad I visited both and tasted the beers as intended. Will go back next week and try another round.

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