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Non-legacy beer & brewery pages not showing up on Google

In short - Google for whatever reason doesn’t list our new beer or brewery pages. At all. It will still show links to legacy versions of older entries.

Best case scenario - it will return results of pages of users who rated the beer and legacy versions of the brewery pages containing those beers. And that’s it.

The implications are obvious I believe. How is Ratebeer to be even semi-relevant and get new people when googling a new beer doesn’t return a Ratebeer page for it? And when it does, the results take you one or two steps away or link you to the old version?


Noticed this too and it’s been what, literally years since the new pages went live?

@services @joet this is a very easy fix as I’m sure you’re aware. Just make them 301 Redirect to the new pages.

I know PageRank isn’t public in Google any more so we’ve no way to tell, but I’m pretty sure you’re extremely well ranked for many thousands of beers. The 301 redirects should help you maintain/transfer PageRank to the new page so they become the new links in search results rather than the old pages. With both links active at the moment you’re in danger of having neither page getting enough rank to appear high up in the results. Better to concentrate on one page.

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