Non qualified scores appearing in my ratings

My ratings show next to properly scored beers, beers with a score of ‘non qualified’.
I suspect these are beers I gave a Quickrated score.
How come these scores do not show up in my overview of ratings? Having ‘non qualified’ doesn’t help.

Make sure you always provide the minimum required number of characters for a rating - think it’s 75. You show 30 ticks, and ticks are non-qualified - so avoid ticks


The Quick Rating allows you to give a rating without entering any comments.

Minimum required number of characters should therefore not apply I think.

I did a trial quick rating - it is just the replacement for the former tick thing. If you look at your ratings you can click on ticks only - that should display your non-qualified ratings. My feeling is take notes and enter later rather than do a “tick” / “quick”.

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And here’s the background info:

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I can understand some of the quality concerns, but I want to be able to see an overview of my own quick ratings. If that’s not possible, it’s a useless feature.

Bring up your beer ratings page.

From the top:
Your name
Your location
All the boxes - ratings … friends
[Recent][Top][Ticks Only]

Ticks only should show all your quick ratings (ticks) - tho I have no idea about old ticks :slight_smile:

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That’s the point, it only shows ‘non qualified’ for ticks, not the quick rating I gave them.

This is very strange - I did a tick test - got

Name Style Score Avg Date
1 Lead Dog / BrewChatter Sparks Is Fruity Lead Dog Brewing Company IPA 2.7 3.07 10/15/2018

That 2.7 is the score I assigned. And on my beer list the beer is “highlighted” / shaded - doesn’t say non- qual and shows the 2.7

Went to Marcus’ listings and his ticks are non-qual

Stuff must be in motion - software wise

Note that the IPA shifted to score in this post and the 2.7 should be under score

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Hi @cistercienzer! Thanks @bhensonb for helping troubleshoot!

This seems like a login issue. Best to sign out and back in again, being sure you are logged into the main area of the site before viewing your profile.

Please let us know how this goes!

Unfortunately signing out and back in again did not solve the issue

We seem to be involved with 2 different servers/networks in ratebeer. I would go so far as to suggest that killing all browsers and rebooting the PC might be in line. Mind, that’s advice born from desperation, but …

@cistercienzer I’ll message you privately to see if I understand and can work this out with you