Noob question - how to rate the same beer from different source

Hi, I’m new to this site. I have a simple question - if you tried a beer from tap, can and bottle - how do you review these different sources/containters? Because some beers taste really good from tap but horribly from can.

Well, I tend to review them separately inside the same review and then either take the better rating or the mean score between them, rounding up.

And yeah… of course the same beer can vary radically taste-wise between types of packaging and between varying degrees of freshness. :slight_smile:

To me they are similar enough they are the same beer, regardless if you get a can, bottle, or have on tap. In my experience it is less important the method of delivery and much more important how fresh the beer is, especially with certain styles.

Other things of note are the quality of the brewery’s packaging equipment - sometimes the bottling/canning lines are of low quality and the beer suffers a lot bottled, even fresh! So well stored beer of equal freshness will differ a lot because of that. I know several breweries where I won’t bother with their bottled beer at all if I can help it, but will always go for them on tap as they make very good beer.

And sometimes, bottled, particularly bottle conditioned beer is simply better than kegged versions of the same beer.

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As you would do any other rerate, just separate them in the body with a <br>, or a hard newline, in the body to keep them readable. I include the score breakdown/total with each review, and will occasionally add a line to say whether the points that it eventually scores are an average, or corresponding to the best sample, or whatever.