Northeast US in September

So, I’m going to the US in September, and I’llvisit several cities/regions: NY, Boston, Niagara, Washington, Philadelphia, … I’ll also spend 2 days around Vermont to visit som of the breweries there.

Any recommendations on good beer places to visit and good beers to search for?
Also, any recommendations on good places to eat? I’d love to have a good steak.

Here is a Boston thread: Boston July 7-14 - #4 by mansquito

Here is a NY thread:

Those should give you enough to go on with those two cities.


Breweries: Tired Hands, Forest & Main - both are outside the city but are the best breweries. You can take the commuter rail to both. Crime and Punishment, Evil Genius, 2nd District are all solid in the city.

Bars: Memphis Taproom, POPE, Foodery (also a beer store), Local 44.

Food: get Tony Luke’s or Pat’s because they are famous cheesesteaks. The roast pork in Reading Terminal Market is great. Zahav is excellent Israeli food that you need recommendations far in advance. Vedge is super high end vegeterian and also requires reservations. It will make you appreciate carrots. Also, I recommend getting cheap banh mi in south philly or Chinatown; truly excellent. Finally South Philly Barbacoa is a very well known authentic Mexican restaurant. They run out of food so get there early.

Where will you be in Vermont?