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Not letting me add places

Hi @services I have tried a few times lately to add places to Ratebeer but unfortunately, it will not let me and suggests verifying my email address or making @services aware of the issue. Please could someone fix it so I can continue adding places? Many thanks


Hi @Fin, I added a Place yesterday, no problems.

Doesn’t help you I know, just thought I’d let you know Shropshire is working, even if it’s in the middle of a ‘Lock In’!


Hello @Fin,

It looks like you might need to logout, then log back into the Places page to enable that feature. There were some changes to login to ensure we have all the right information to verify that you’ve had your email verified.

Please try that and then let me know.

Services @ RateBeer

Thanks for the tip @services, it worked for me and I have added a place!


Hi @services, its not letting me add places even when I log out and back in to both current and legacy sites. Any ideas?

Many thanks

Try logging out and then log back in. We have not had responses from services in several weeks.

Yes tried that on two different browsers and my phone but its still saying I’m not authorised to add places. I’ve not added a place for 8 months but it did used to work. I’ll give it a week and chase up!

There was something said about email verification to reduce users adding fake places. Is there an email associated with your account?

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I don’t have an email address on the main site. The option is blanked out so I can’t add it in.

Ooof, that needs to be checked out by Services, currently unavailable.

Feel free point out which places need adding in the meanwhile and we’ll do it for you before they can help you fix that issue.

Yet again I can’t add a place.
Not sure why I need to log out & log in every time I want to add a place.
This is third time this has happened.
Can’t be arsed.
Hope someone else will add the place sometime & I can add my review.

Yes it is poor but if you can add a place when logging back in that’s something at least. That doesn’t even work for me!

Hi @Services I note I didn’t get a response from an earlier request. Can you please allow me to add an email address to my profile so I can verify address and add places. Its currently greyed out from editing. Thanks.

@joet sre you able to help @dragnet101 ?

@simontomlinson - feel free to state which place it is so it may be added


Beer Brothers Brewery & Bar

The bar needs adding as an associated place to the Brewery which is already listed.

I actually found it added below but it’s the bar & needs associating with the actual brewer listing.

https://www.ratebeer.com/p/beer-brothers-brewery/83460/ - This is actually the bar.

The brewery is listed under the same name but not associated.

Hmm, can’t find the unassociated brewery. Changed the name of the place in the link you gave to Beer Brothers - Taproom (as they call it).

Would there be a good reason to separate the brewery and the taproom entry? Please do explain, since they seem to be at the same address. Apart from the reason that the only rating of this place is about their web store (?!).

Hi dragnet. As you know, most often, the fix for adding places – especially when it’s the first time adding one in a while – is to sign out and back in. Using the sign out link is important because it clears your cookies.

Here’s a link for convenience:

If that doesn’t work, the next step is to clear your cookies for ratebeer.

Also good to note, is that cookies should be enabled for RateBeer in your browser or the site will not function normally.

I really hope this helps!


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That looks correct now thanks.
The Tap Room is associated to the brewery & has a different name.
I think they should be listed separately as they are different outlets & hours etc.
They were listed separately but not linked together & there was no difference as to which was which.
I can review the brewery Tap Room now.
Hope you’re happy with that & thanks for help. :+1:

Thankyou, clearing the cookies worked. Much appreciated.

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