Not letting me add places

Yes, you need to go to Google Maps, get the coordinates from there, add them to the place, and click on the checkmark

If you had previously relied solely on Google’s automatic addition of coordinates, that didn’t work properly at any point for any place with “special characters” + plenty of other cases where the address was guesstimated.

I’ve tagged you already in a post with instructions on how to do this, but I guess you didn’t see it yet.


Cunningham is the map boss here in Norway!

I just did that, it looked OK, then MF, it just clunked me out!

You replied to the wrong thread (this one is completely unrelated), but can’t blame you as the correct one dropped from the front page somehow, and this one was revived by mistake, a completely unrelated issue.

Anyway, this below is the correct one, please go through it, and we can help you add it (only admins can, due to being the only ones who can edit a field that causes the issue):

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Thanks! I’ll do so.