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Not possible to add location

I had a beer at Lórien in Palma de Mallorca last week. When I´m now back in Sweden and is adding the beer here on RB, I find it impossible to add the location. The four suggestions I get when writing Lórien are all Danish places, and their names aren´t that very similar to Lórien. The geographically close function is not very helpful here. Can I change this?

I’ve changed the name to Lórien (Palma). Try typing that. :slight_smile:

I’ve had the same issue, even typing the exact name won’t help, it will still give you similarly named locations near you. Very annoying.

I really hate it when “smart technology” is actually extremely fucking idiotic while “knowing better than you”.

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Yes, that worked. Thanks. :slight_smile:

But I can´t get this, why even have this (mal-)function? You admins will have a lot of work in front of you changing all places to both name and city.

It would be so much better if that search field took both the place and the town name into consideration somehow, but…


Yes, it would. If this doesn´t get better, it ´s a big risk people stop adding locations. Unfortunately. I use “Places” a lot when travelling in Sweden or abroad so that woluld be bad for people like myself. :frowning:

? Try rating a beer from Bine & Vine bottle shop in San Diego

I either get “my locals” or a venue starting with San Diego

So it’s finish the rate, then go to the venue and add the beer

There was a time Bine & Vine came up nicely, but not for some weeks now

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Adding a location definitely doesn’t work at all if you’re not physically close to it. This needs to change. @services

This problem still exists. I want to add a location to a beer I bought at Del Món in Palma de Mallorca, but the suggestions are all French (?!) with, having some imagination, similar names.

I just don´t get it, why do we have function which doesn´t work?

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Did the same “fix” but this is frankly embarrassing. It’s when a “smart” script is actually idiotic in practice.

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And I thank you again. Who should we adress to fix this?

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@services @aww @joet

if the name’s written perfectly, it should perhaps override the distance-based algorithm. also, maybe, just maybe take into consideration the town name as well?


I wish you were right and tried that. Even wrote Del Món just like that, which is the accurate spelling, but no, it did not work. Also tried the accurate spelling including the town name, but no.


Thanks for making this more visible. This has happened to me as well and I certainly feel you. I’d also add that any solution should consider the brewpub if the brewery is a brewpub. So yeah, if possible

  1. exact match wins
  2. location field with place, town name searched
  3. if the brewer is a brewpub, make it the top option

Maybe make it possible to scroll down?


Yeah, this as well. Now it only gives you 4 or 5 options or so, and that’s it. It should return all, and especially the exact match should be the first in the options given.


This bug still exists. Any chance it might be resolved soon?

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I also have been having issues adding beers to my local:


Could it have Farnborough or Freehouse added to it?

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Trying to add this location for a couple of reviews


What the fuck??


I had no problems with same location two days ago.

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