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Not possible to delete ratings

Occasionally you need to delete your own rating, when you have misplaced it under the wrong beer. Previously there was a “Delete rating” button for this, now it seems to have gone. There is a button looking like a dustbin, but it does not work.

Thanks very much for bringing this to our attention. I’ve written a ticket for this item

Is it possible for you to sign out and back in again to see if you still have this issue?

There is still no visible “delete rating” function, but when I hit “Edit”, and then by random hit the empty space (multiple times) to the right of the dustbin button and the headline of the rating, the “Are you sure you want to delete this rating?” pops out of nowhere. Weird. Well, this way it IS possible to delete a rating - it should just be easier and more logical.

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Thanks for that feedback!

Ah, so the “X” in the upper right will delete the rating without assing spaces?

There is no visible “X” in the upper right at all. That’s part of the problem. But as I now know approximately where the “Delete rating” function is hidden, it works okay.

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OK, glad that works out. I do have a question: do you mean you have to type spaces for it to show up or do you mean it was hidden before and you can delete even after entering a tick with no review text?

It is hidden till I click the right point in the empty space. I never enter ticks any more.

Hmmm… is anyone else experiencing this issue?
Could it be some sort of ad blocker?