Not Rateable Brewdog Offerings?

Am I correct in thinking that these two ‘MixTap’ offerings are not rateable?

Would it depend on wther they are pre-mixed or seperate kegs that are mixed via the tap when served?

Did a quick Google but that just brings up a load of results for their Mix Tape releases.

Interesting, I couldn’t find any info about these either. There’s not even anything on the EFP forum. I’ve asked for more info as even though these were added to Untappd by BD themselves I’m not convinced they’re legit at the moment.
The name alone implies they’re pouring from 2 separate taps does it not? Post-keg blends aren’t allowed on UT and I don’t believe they are here either but hopefully an admin can confirm that.

If it is pre-mixed in a single keg then it would be allowed on UT, and I think here on RB too but again, not sure…

Post keg blends are definitely not allowed here same with randle devices that add fruit during tap delivery. If it’s blended during kegging it is allowed.


Am intending to go to BD Clerkenwell so will ask.

We confirmed via the EFP forum that these are blended at the bar and therefore not allowed on either Untappd or Ratebeer.