Nottingham, Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival 2018

The location has moved from the castle to the motorpoint arena, but the list of beer and cider is as big as always (over 1000 beer, over 250 ciders). This year there is also a Key Keg bar with over 100 beers (26 at a time) and a Nano brewery bar.

The dates are Wednesday 17th Oct to Saturday the 20th Oct. I’m going on Thursday the 18th.

I will post a link to the beer list once its published.

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I’m hoping to go on the 18th if I can.

List will be on website tomorrow. I’ll be there Wednesday, only one visit this year so will prioritise the 11 American beers then new breweries. Guessing I’ll see the usual suspects…?

Beer list here:

Cider list here:

Extensive list as usual. Over 130 breweries I’ve not had beers from before. Interested in the beers from Maine but also a brewery in Guernsey.

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Yes very interested in finally getting my Guernsey tick. Fighting a nasty virus at the moment but hoping to make it.

it had to happen sooner or later… over 100 new breweries for me this year! And I can only go once…

will be arriving at 5

Question. How’s everybody handling the Maine beers? Rating the existing beer or creating a separate entry because of the barrel aging?

They had the same beers on at York. I rated the current version rather than create new but with a note on my rating.

That makes sense. Thanks.

Enjoyed the festival. Drank way too much but it was worth it.