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Now Trump is Coming for Your Beer

The president’s aluminum tariffs will squeeze small producers.

Where oh where are our negative emojis? @service @support

Well, one possible bright side is maybe some brewers will switch back to bottles. I certainly don’t need any more plastic in my diet.

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Plastic beer bottles may come your way!

Beer in his honor…:grinning:

Pravda Trump

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Putin has ownership of this Pravda as well?

Nah, it’s the most anti-Putin (and anti-Russian aggression) brewery around.

@DoctorHU Ну и як? Дорбе пиво? Заслуговує ім‘я голонокомандуча? :blush:

Yes, Pravda has such a beer and is called “Putin huilo”, then translated as “Putin is a Dickhead” or “Putin f*cked up”.


Beer at the Pravda brewery is not bad. As for the beer “Pravda Trump”, you can read in the reviews about this beer

I mentioned this beer to my Ukranian colleague. Though it must mean, “Hello Putin”. When she stopped laughing she corrected me.

Read Wikipedia:
" Putin – khuilo! " ([Ukrainian]: Пу́тін — хуйло́; IPA: [[ˈputʲin xʊjˈlɔ]], [Russian: Пу́тин — хуйло́, IPA: [[ˈputʲɪn xʊjˈlo]], a commonly used English translation: Putin is a dickhead ) is a [Ukrainian] and [Russian] - language slogan deriding [Russian President] [Vladimir Putin]. The slogan originated in [Ukraine] in 2014 having grown from a [football chant] first performed by [FC Metalist Kharkiv] [ultras] in March 2014 on the onset of the [Russian annexation of Crimea and [military intervention in Ukraine]. The phrase has become very widespread throughout Ukraine among supporters of the Ukrainian government and more generally those who do not like Vladimir Putin in both Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking areas of Ukraine.

" Trump – khuilo! "

They need to work that one as well.

Alas, like many breweries in non-craft countries, the brewer is an American… unfortunately when I was there I did not have time to go tick crazy because my family heard bad things about it because some people got food poisoning. I wonder if they still make Obama Hope…

Yes, “Obama Hope” is being produced further…

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I haven’t had any issues with this; however, the Trump tax cut has put more money in my pocket, so I can buy more beer.

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