Number of Faros

When i use this list and include the retired ones I get 24 Faros in total.

But if I use this list i get 35 total number of Faros:

How is each list calculated?

I think the top list has a minimum rating threshold. Perhaps?

I think that’s true, there should be a minimum threshold for the toplist. It’s a little alarming that I get 21 on the toplist if the OP gets 24, however…

Using advanced search I can see 30.

Mmm I forgot to click retired, at least then I also get 24

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For the first list mentioned, beers are to have at least 10 ratings I guess. Use this one instead:

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Travlr just added a new one so we’re up to 36

Still a difference of four between the top raters list and the top 50 by style list. I guess those four don’t have a single rating yet?

Interesting can anyone find those 4 others here is 32 I can locate. I think at least #14 and #16 should probably be retired as well.

Active Faros
1 3 Fonteinen / Wilder Faro Wortelmelasse
2 3 Fonteinen Faro Classic
3 3 Fonteinen Faro met Honing
4 3 Fonteinen Faro Traditional
5 3 Fonteinen Straffe Winter
6 Block 15 Honey Faro
7 Boon Faro
8 Cantillon Faro
9 Chapeau Faro
10 De Cam Oude Faro
11 Girardin Dominicus
12 Girardin Faro
13 Lindemans Faro
14 Mikkeller Ramses II + III
15 Mikkeller SpontanFaro
16 Montegioco La Mummia Faro
17 Mort Subite Faro
18 Natty Greene’s Meerst Lambic
19 Oud Beersel Oude Faro
20 Schoune Lambic Faro au Sucre d’Érable
21 St. Louis Premium Faro
22 The Referend The Iceman Cometh
23 Tilquin Faro
24 Timmermans Brusselicious Faro
25 Timmermans Lambic Doux
26 Timmermans Tradition Faro Lambic
27 Boon Faro Pertotale
28 Duivelsbier van Halle
29 Revelation Cat Faro
30 The Bruery Blue Palm’s Third Anniversary
31 The Bruery Pharaoh
32 Vieux Foudre Faro

Also if anyone can find any info on this brew we can add to our database i only can locate untapd listing