Numeric ratings defaulting to 3

Has anyone else noticed that sometimes at least, after saving a beer rating the numeric average is saved as a sort of default to 3.0? This is despite the fact that the rating actually averages to say 3.6?
Then you have to go back, re-rate and re-save the rating (even if you don’t change a word or number rating) in order to have the numeric rating reflected accurately.

Are you ticking the beer as well? That was the issue I had after the initial revamp of the site.

I haven’t been able to tick since the migration.
I still go thru the motions but my ticks never register anymore.

You’re aboot to get a badge.

You can either rate or tick. You can’t do both. That’s why you’re getting the 3s. I can to the co cousin that as a rated, ticking was irrelevant.

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Well, then
Thanks, I’ll stop trying.