Obscure beers in your personal top 50

This is probably the type of thread that generates hype unnecessarily, but since that’s been at least part of Ratebeer’s purpose since inception, let’s have at it.

What beers in your personal top 50 have less than 10 ratings? Mine are Aslin heavy. May have missed one or to since I had to do this by eyeballing it and guessing which had low numbers of

For me:


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Hmmm, some of mine might be due to some dodgy early ratings. Four of my top 50 qualify. Anyway:

My no. 18 has 9 rates

My no. 36 has 6 rates

My no. 38 has 1 rate (!). Don’t think their beers get distributed very widely

My no. 47 has 6 rates

Yep, very annoying. Makes me want to uninstall the app… :angry:

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Most my high ratings are from early on and popular well known great beers I seldom rate so high anymore but I did have two.

Prison City Mass Riot a great ipa
Brooklyn Local 11 a barrel aged version of one of their local brews available only at Elleven Madison Park at least years ago when I had.

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None - the least number rating in my top 50 was for 27 ratings.

I don’t have an Android. Also, it would be great if the default settings let me use the website like a normal website and didn’t automatically bounce me to an app that has very limited functionality.

That was the reason that I uninstalled the app on more than 1 occasion.

#45 - Boiler This Is Not A S’Mores, Just A Tribute (3 ratings - Mine is 4.7)

#44 - Boiler Koo Koo For Coconut (3 ratings - Mine is 4.7)

#25 - White Elm Rum Barrel Walais with Coconut (2 ratings - Mine is 4.8)

#23 - White Elm Double Barrel Coconut Stout (3 ratings - Mine is 4.8)

#8 - Lucky Bucket Wicked Joe (3 ratings - Mine is 5.0)

All Nebraska beers and all big rich malty brews with adjuncts, especially coconut. I imagine the White Elm beers would do very well if they got more reviews. They can now and I really hope more people can soon try their stuff. Definitely flying under the radar, except in Nebraska.

1 rate, and I’ve had it twice.


2 rates, and not even from a brewery exported to New Zealand


9 rates, though my 4.5 is also actually the unweighted average.


On Android, you get the choice between the app or the browser, and you are asked if you want to do it one time or always…but I don’t know on iPhone

Block 15 Brewer’s Brunch Blend (2013)

I have a crazy amount with only rating…mine…not much raters up here.




This one was until it ended up on the site’s Top 50 list:


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Cool question @solidfunk.

I’ve got three. Two are cask occasionals or one-offs…
Alewerks Chakka-Latte (6 Ratings)
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Plank II (Vanilla & Molasses) “Amarillo Brillo” (1 Rating)

And the other was a limited variant bottle release…
Lickinghole Creek Awaken the Despot (10 Ratings)

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This is not an application setting - It’s you’re phone. Follow the advice per @Viper666.Qc please. Thanks!

Wow, a Heavy Seas beer? Every now and then I have something decent from them but there is a branch a few blocks from my place in Rosslyn and I never go. Maybe I should be more open minded about those guys.

At least for a while they were doing collabs with regional beer scene bigwigs. Seemed to be retailers and distributors so probably some kind of reward for pimping their wares. Essentially “come to our brewery and then go crazy with adjuncts for a cask.” At some point, five casks were created this way for the Charlottesville market about the same time. I actually vaguely remember this before the fact and I think I even gave feedback to the Whole Foods beer buyer on what he should do with their cask.

In any case, it was the beer version of Pokemon Go, as I hunted all five casks around town. I got three of them: Beer Run (Vanilla, & Molasses), Whole Foods (Strawberry, Ginger, Vanillla), and Rapture (Apple & Vanilla). Fun times.

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