Octfest 2018

I found out about this festival today. Octfest. Basically looks like AB Inbev is throwing a beer festival and bringing all their international “microbrews” with them:

Tempting (because of intl ticks) but almost definitely will pass. That said, ratebeer should advertise there…

@joet I just did some research and October, the people putting on this festival, is a ZX Ventures shindig… are you doing anything to promote ratebeer there as these are likely thd beer drinkers that will not care about corporate infiltration of craft beer? If not, why??

Thanks for posting. Looks like an interesting event – Firestone Walker, Fifty Fifty, Founders, Jolly Pumpkin, Rogue, Ommegang, Stillwater and many others there don’t have any ties to ZX Ventures, Anheuser-Busch USA or AB InBev to my knowledge. And yeah looks like some small international there too.

We don’t currently have any internal marketing or sales staff so we’d be pulling a programmer to have presence there or anywhere for that matter… (our current ad sales go through a third party for ethical reasons, something we’ve done for many years), but yeah I’ll share this with the NYC crew to see if anyone has ideas for cross-promo.

We’re focusing on building a better experience right now. Hopefully I’ll have time next half. I got a great invite to a fest in Brazil.

@joet theoretically, if you would like to have someone man a booth (or do something else), I could do that Sunday (flying in from Mexico the day before)… or something… in any case, wouldn’t mind getting some foreign ticks along the way and would like to help RB in some capacity. That way you would not have to sacrifice programmers…