Offline ratings now available on the app

Hi everyone, the latest version of the app now supports basic offline ratings. We released this version of the app today (1.34.1), so please check for updates over the next few days.

You can find Offline ratings in the profile section.

Some notes on how this new functionality works:

  • You can add a new offline review from “Offline reviews”
  • Any rating and review text will automatically be saved to your mobile device
  • You can search for the associated beer on RateBeer and connect this offline review to a beer on RateBeer
  • You review will only be saved on your phone until you “Publish” your review
  • Once you publish your review, it will move out of the Offline section and into Public or Private ratings. After publishing, you will be able to see your review on the app and the website

Please let us know if you have any feedback on the new offline functionality :slight_smile: