Old Chimneys Closed?


Google says permanently closed. Any more details?

"Old Chimneys Brewery was started in 1995 by Alan Thomson, a Master Brewer who celebrated 40 years of brewing in 2017.

Located in Market Weston on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, Old Chimneys has achieved an enviable reputation for beer quality. The flagship brand, Good King Henry Special Reserve, has been the highest rated English Beer on ratebeer.com for 8 years.

Alan ceased brewing at Market Weston in April 2019 to concentrate on collaborative brewing with top quality brewers in the UK and abroad, starting with Grain Brewery (Norfolk), Shortts Brewery (Suffolk) and Wylam Brewery (Newcastle)."


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He did brew GKHSR in 2018 though, so that should see a release fairly soon.

I have only had one bottle of GKHSR and I didn’t even drink it. I sent to to a Ratebeerian in the US thinking I would easily get another, haven’t so far!

@cgarvieuk offered to give me one once, but as I already had that aforementioned bottle I refused, not realizing mine would disappear.


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I heard he was going to still release the barrel aged beers. Most likely all going to distributors I would guess. I’m lucky I had just enough cash (only accepted) when I visited the brewery last year.

When I was in Suffolk/Norfolk it was was the one weekend when the brewery was shut for a private event. Grrrr.

Will trade Mills releases or fluids of your choice for GKHSR.

Check the above old chimneys link. There’s a “box” about that. October?

yeah at least one more release of GKHR, and always one available if you get to Edinburgh


I’ve got last release and the standard, which is good since my rating is missing on the site from when I had it last.

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Thanks to Colin (Theydon_Bois), he set me up on one of my trips to the UK. What a special treat…

Could someone give me a BM when they are there to be ordered again - I guess Eebria or? // Cheers

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Does anyone have news on GKHR release? No changes on their web and it’s October.

Id expect a few more weeks at least and almost certainly through Eebria like all bar last year.

so make sure signed up to Eebria news letter

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On sale tomorrow from 11:00am.

Last year I went for a sandwich and they’d sold out by the time I got back to my desk 15 minutes later.

Will that be through Eebria? Can’t seem to find it shown on their website as yet, maybe tomorrow morning. Is there a limit?

Yep, Eebria. Was on their Twitter. Mixed packs of vintages also available.

Thanks, worth a try tomorrow morning I guess!

Gone in minutes.

Yes, and seemed impossible to get for non UK buyers in spite of UK delivery address.