Old Dairy calls in the administrators

Article from a few days ago … you only get a few paras I think as a subscription article but you’ll get the jist

Brewery hailed as a Brexit export champion calls in administrators | Business | The Sunday Times (thetimes.co.uk)

Can’t say I’ve ever really come across their beers, but always sad to see the demise of a brewery :frowning_face:

London area and Kent / South East in the main

One of the better cask brewers for me … always a few strong ones on their roster

Lots of closures lately. Looks like Framework in Leicester is going/has gone, although I’ve yet to find written confirmation. Same with Bedfordshire’s Banks and Taylor. I know the Wellington in Bedford is staying open but not sure what is happening with the rest of their pubs.

Seems to primarilly be:

  1. Very small breweries. How much of this could be down to natural attrition.

  2. Old school cask breweries who were unable to change their business model. Meanwhile other breweries have never been doing so well having had to review things at outset of Covid (for instance Elusive).

  3. And, come to think of it, brewpubs where ownership/management of pub has changed.

Although I was really thinking of the impact of Covid, etc. Energy prices are something else.

“Brexit export champions”… where were they exporting to I wonder…

Looking at rates on here, Sweden.

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Italy, Sweden, Germany, according to the internets.

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Condolences Colin, I know how much the brewery meant to you.

Leighton is bored again, then.


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