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Omhper hits 30k!

My long time dear friend just hit 30k last Sunday evening (even doing it on the ratebeer virtual bar on zoom!). Hurra Per and cheers to an epic ratebeerian! Glad to have been sharing a bunch in somewhat many different countries too :slight_smile:


Cheers to a fucking awesome Ratebeerian and a fucking awesome person I’m proud to call a friend. To whom I owe many a favor indeed. Honored to have shared some insane beers you, Per, you fucking rock!

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Cheers to Per, hope u had a good no 30k one!
Thx for all great moments.

Skål - stay safe! // Thomas

Congrats on 30K! Cheers, Shawn

Man a couple guys throwing down some big milestones.
Cheers congrats

Grattis Per!

Huge congrats! Amazing. Cheers.

Congrats. To many more :beers:



Congrats! :beers:

Nice one.

Grattis Per.



Well done on reaching 30k Per, a fantastic achievement! I’m glad to have shared some of those beers with you and they include a few ‘rare country ticks’, a big thanks to you for sourcing and sharing those. Skål!

Cheers Per!

Congrats to the original travel king and founder member of the 200 country club.

It’s taken some balls to do what you’ve done! And I’m not referring to Aarhus, a mattress in the lounge, and a toilet trip either…

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A genuine RB star

:beers: :grinning: :+1:

Congrattulation Per,

After the twinns were born your rating has continued but not at the pace you had before.
A growing family takes time.
But beer is essential.


I had the ambition to try to shortlist some of the best moments I have shared with people from this site, while building up to 30k. However that shortlist became so long that it would eat up all space in RBs servers ,so I think I’ll have a beer instead. Cheers, friends, let’s hope there will be times again when we can create new moments like those!


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