Omnipollo / Tired Hands Alias Question

Omnipollo / Tired Hands Raspberry Milkshake IPA

Why is this beer aliased to ?

Vanilla Pina Colada doesnt seem to anything in common with raspberry just assumed by the names. Would be nice if some admin could clearify. Thanks

Got a message from the brewery staff to alias those, following the instructions from the brewery.

Thanks for the info, still weird imo…

Definitely weird:

compare with:

I guess we should ignore brewery instructions in this case.

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Probably should follow up with TH on this point amd provide examples.

@gnoff or any other admin responsible can you please dig into this? These are clearly two different beers.Maybe double check with the brewers.Thanks :slight_smile:

I would keep these separate, but I am the PA admin…

@gnoff can you look into it again? they seem to be separate beers and marketed as seprate beers, despite what the brewer says?

I feel like the brewery is trolling RB here!

Sure, sent the question asking them to check this again to see if there has been any misunderstanding.

They are actually one of the few Swedish breweries that still reach out to have things fixed after the whole AB Inbev thing, so I very much doubt they are trying to mess something up.

I wasn’t being wholly serious, but it’s just such a crazy alias that it’s hard to understand.

So got a reply back, some various misunderstandings made this alias happen, sorry about that.

Removed the alias, and beers are open for moving the ratings to the correct one.