ONLINE App Design: Draft Reviews (Offline functionality)

Incoming App Design: Draft Reviews (Offline functionality)


:white_check_mark: Preload/save multiple draft reviews; either with or without matching beers ahead of time.
:white_check_mark: True draft mode; reviews aren’t published until you decisively confirm and save them.
:white_check_mark: Works offline.


  1. Within your Profile screen, navigate to a new folder labelled Drafts.
  2. Create a New Draft.
  3. Enter a descriptor into the [Title]; preferably the beer name as it will be used for matching.
  4. Enter your Rating and Beer review.
  5. Match the beer by selecting a beer from the Search Results; this uses the [Title] as the search term by default.
  6. Save and add your review to RateBeer.


  • Your review will be automatically saved on device in the background. Once saved, it will be moved to either your Public or Private Ratings folder.

  • You can clear and change the beer attached to your draft; accidents do happen.

  • Adding a new beer will exit you from the matching process. Once the beer has been added, you’ll have to re-open the draft, begin the matching process again and search for the newly added beer to select it.

  • Capturing location + serving type information and the deletion of drafts are not supported in the first release.

Future improvements

  • More refinement to the CORE rating and review flow.

  • Better draft/offline integration with the rest of the app. eg. From the Beer Profile screen, a user should have the ability to not only favourite beers; but also add them to the Drafts list or any additional lists to come. Or, a summary of unfinished reviews/drafts on the Home screen; enabling the user an easier way to access them.

Prototype can be played with here.


Any timeline for this release?

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Thank you!


Demo (accepting the limitations of the tool) looks good.

Will the search show beer found in drafts that match as that would be a bonus but not something massivly needed

but an ETA, weeks , couple of months , still 6+ months out would be handy to know

I am very glad to read this.


Will there be a offline copy of all rated beers available like in Eric’s old app?
It’s very handy when travelling and without connection to be able to check what you have from before. For example using the downtime when flying to plann for a beer festival.
And, it’s a hell of a lot easier to check what you’ve had or not that way, instead of having to check the web page.


This is definitely needed.


Totally understand! There is nothing concrete that we can share yet but there has been some recent discussions into how we can make this happen. It’s something we need to explore a little more as there are a few important pieces of functionality we would want to consider if we bring something like this out… especially for those with a high amount of reviews (search and filtering in particular). We’ve also been looking into maps as well, so we’re definitely thinking about the travellers!

But at the moment our focus is on getting draft reviews in! :beers:


I’m fairly sure that just a name + rating + date combo would be more than enough for the purposes used if pulling full reviews is a problem (and it sounds like one). @aww


Id go so far as to say i dislike that when i look up a brewery i get the full text of all my ratings. If that brewery has 100s of ratings its impossible to scroll through tem all with all that txt all i want is have i had it and what score.

So for holding my offline ratings, that all id want unless i click through to see details. Sometimes the details are important, but more often its just have i had it


It was no problem to have the entire rated database downloaded from Eric’s app, as recent as when they opened up again for a few days this week.

Client-side, server-side it probably poses some kind of problem.

Hi everyone,
The latest version of the app now supports basic offline ratings! We released this version of the app today (1.34.1), so please check for updates over the next few days.

You can find Offline ratings in the profile section.

Some notes on how this new functionality works:

  • You can add a new offline review from “Offline reviews”
  • Any rating and review text will automatically be saved to your mobile device
  • You can search for the associated beer on RateBeer and connect this offline review to a beer on RateBeer
  • You review will only be saved on your phone until you “Publish” your review
  • Once you publish your review, it will move out of the Offline section and into Public or Private ratings. After publishing, you will be able to see your review on the app and the website

Please let us know if you have any feedback on the new offline functionality :slight_smile:

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Ok first impressions VERY positive. One minor bug if you click upload and then do something it uploads but remains in offline list. Then reupload very sensibly warns of an override (LOVE :purple_heart: this).

Beyond that, would like search to report if i have off line that matches, or a search of offline ratings. As if at a festival of 200 beers im often offered a beer. Have i had it today already. How do i check with out a lot of scrolling and such

Then well for offline that’s probably it. On scoring preferred erics number panel pop up to slider. As i often. Slide then need to reslide to get right result. But otherwise fantastic

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I love it. Now the app is way much better. Thank you.

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Nice addition.
The app also introduced Add Picture for new beers as well.

They are in the good direction!

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But if you want to rate a beer that’s already in the database, but don’t want to upload untill later. Can you then start rating the actual beer, but leave it in offline?

Yes. You can enter any beer name. Unless you click search database and select one (or add the new beer) , it will stay private. Only problem is, it won’t be listed as a private rating for that beer. It will just be an offline rating not linked with any existing beer.

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