Online Tastings - let's make them a regular thing!

Along the lines of this.
Would you guys be into this?

@neur0, do you want to organize another one for November?

Edit 9th November: here’s the event for November!


I always like them, but i just struggle to drink at home as i drink to often on the way home

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Sometimes tough to do across time zones. I think doing these on special occasions is sometimes fun, like New Years or Summer Solstice (RateBeer Day)

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not sure if neur0 is on here yet; I’d have no problem with calling out an Eisbock version of that tasting, though :smiley:

Yeh, he isn’t. I will shoot him a message though. Don’t wanna wrench this from him and the UK crowd.


Don’t be a naysayer, Joe. :stuck_out_tongue: We could do these split in continents. Or in the course of a weekend, with everyone contributing taste notes, stories from the tastings or just talk over the course of the weekend.

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I’m up for regular online tastings! If the logistics of doing it internationally don’t work out then we can at least do them regionally as we’ve done on the UK forum in the past. Perhaps one for North America and one for Europe. Though in both cases it would need to be beers accessible to people in all countries/states, otherwise we’ll need to maybe do it by country instead.

I think we talked about doing the Eisbock version of that last UK tasting for Christmas (i.e. December some time), as far as I know nobody stepped up to say they’d set up a November tasting, or what beer it should be.

Also there was some talk in the thread about how it doesn’t need to be the same person organising each month and can instead be done whenever someone feels like it.

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I’d say there are plenty of classics that are fairly widely accessible:

Orval, Aventinus, Rochefort, St Bernardus, Saison Dupont, maybe even Duvel.

Or if we go hipster, Stone IPA and stuff.


If the organizer can make .ics files so I can put it in my calendar, I’d happily join a video chat with you jerks. after 9PM EST is best for me but before midnight.

Let’s try to make it a, say, day or half a day of tasting, with people coming and going.


I think some sort of specific date would be nice, so that there could be some kind of discussion in the forum. Maybe a date for Europe and on (about 6-7 hours later) for the American crowd?

@herrklemann it doesn’t need to be monthly for me, but I’d like to have a regular event.

I can create an event, is everyone OK with Aventinus Eisbock, or isn’t Aventinus and it’s Eisbock consecutively a little boring? I’m open for suggestions…

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That shit’s fun. BA has them periodically.

I bought a bottle specifically in case we did this so I’m happy with that. But obviously it’s not one that needs to be drank fresh so I’m happy to wait a few months if people would rather something different before then. I’m happy with anything to be honest.

I’m happy with that also … nice beer :grinning:

So, to make it short:

What Beer?

  • Aventinus Eisbock
  • Not Aventinus Eisbock

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What Date?

  • 26.11
  • 30.11
  • 03.12

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If you want to suggest another beer, add it to this list:

Don’t have it in town but carry on.

My intuition is that a loose arrangement with discussion in the forums would be the best idea. I would want to try US and Europe together, 36-48 hours should be enough for everyone to chime in.

I also thought that revisiting Belgian classics would suffice for “a few” tastings. But I’d also think that revisiting broadly available stuff like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Stone IPA would be fun.

I think we should drink one beer at a time :wink: :beer:
And we can already start discussing beers for late December/early January.


Yes I think the best option is to pick a specific date, but the event lasts for a full 24 hours. This will allow people across all timezones to participate. Since the vast majority of us are Europe or US/CA based this will in reality more likely only take ~12 hours I think.

We wouldn’t need to have a specific time in the day to start, it would just be whenever people want/are able to. For example I typically only drink in evenings, so I might chime in around 8pm or so. In mainland Europe some will have already drank and discussed by this time, while Americans might show up 5-8 hours later. This will lead to discussion lasting for a full day which I think is nice and it’ll be good for forum activity too.

Late December likely to be a seasonal Christmas themed beer?
Plenty of Belgian ones are widely distributed enough for this. Delirium Noel, St Bernardus Christmas Ale, Leffe Noel, Corsendonk Christmas Ale… and from Denmark Mikkeller Santa’s Little Helper, To Øl Jule Mælk…in the US Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale… Hitachino Nest New Year Celebration Ale for those in Asia.

Those are just some examples I don’t know how others feel about any of them. If I live up to my name of being lazy I’d put forward Mikkeller Santa’s Little Helper as my suggestion as I have a 2016 bottle of this from last year already. I’m not sure how easy this would be to acquire (in any vintage) now though so feel free to disregard if it’s a dumb suggestion.


But I only drink Hill Farmstead.

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