Ontario in May: Toronto, Montreal and Bruce Peninsula

Hi folks,
we are on vacation in Ontario and stay in Toronto, Montreal and the Bruce Peninsula.

Any good recommandation for accomondation at the Bruce Peninsula or places to stay / see at the peninsula? Glad for your help.
It would be nice, if someone likes to share a beer with us or show us some “must-see” at the area. Looking forward to seeing someone.


Let me know when you are in Toronto and we can hopefully meet up if we are around. Bar Hop and Birrerria Volo are generally regarded as the best beer bars. There are tons of breweries and brewpubs in town. Which ones you choose to visit often depends on which part of town you want to go to (e.g. go to the ones that are close together). There are a bunch of breweries and cideries on the way between Toronto and Bruce Peninsula as well, depending which route you take. Side Launch in Collingwood is one of the better breweries out that way IMO.

Bruce National Park is the main thing I’d recommend for some hiking and scenery. We camped there when we went so I don’t have any personal recommendations for accommodations. I would say start by looking for AirBNB or cottage rentals. It can be fairly cold here in May still depending on when you are here. Check the forecast to see what kind of clothing and / or outdoor gear might be needed. Be aware that there is a major holiday - Victoria Day or ‘May 2-4’ on May 20th that may affect accommodation availability in that area. Owen Sound and Collingwood areas may have more hotel like accommodations, I’m not sure.

Hi Jercraigs,
thanks for the hint of the major holidays. We arrived at Toronto on May, 3rd and leaving on Mai, 19th.
We didn`t plan our route completely, but wanted to stay in Toronto the first and the last days. Thinking about 3 nights at the peninsula. Found some nice houses at AirBNB.
I let you know, when our ‘timetable’ is finished.

Intrested in beers from Germany?