Other Half DDH confusion

TLDR: some people may lose a few Other Half rates if they’ve rated both the DDH and non-DDH versions, sorry.

An FYI that Other Half have recently started retiring the “Double Dry Hopped” moniker from all of their beers. In the majority of cases, they have retired the non-DDH version and are now selling the DDH version as just the beer name. In reality, a lot of the non-DDH versions haven’t actually been brewed in 6-7 years. We will be going through all the cases we have and fixing those that have had this treatment. People may lose a rate or two along the way, so apologies in advance. Any help in finding new ones will be helpful, so please link them here. The key is if they have done this on the untappd pages:

If the ratebeer listings don’t look like this, then we haven’t found them yet