Other Half's All Together Initiative

If a local brewery brews one of the All Together beers presumably it should be added as per a standard colab? Even though there are hundreds of breweries doing it.

I.e. Makemake / Other Half All Together

I wouldn´t. Sure Other Half provided the basic recipe but in the end everyone had a room to play with it. And, knowing that is done in general nonetheless, Other Half wasn´t present in brewing.

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Yes, I don’t think these should count as collabs.

I would think it should be handled like Sierra Nevada’s Resilience Butte County Proud IPA was. This one wasn’t treated like a collab. Perhaps a tag should be created so each version can be easily tied together in one place?



That’s an Opened Recipe from a Brewer, not a collab.

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Viper, are you talking about “All Together” or “Resilience”?

Other Half’s website says, “We intentionally kept the recipe simple so that every brewer that wants to do it can do it.”

I think that would imply neither of the two beers being discussed are technically collabs in the way that term is generally used on this site since I think that’s how Sierra Nevada handled their beer as well.

I thought the intention of collaboration here (i.e. “Brewery X / Brewery Y Beer Name Z”) was that the separate crews would directly collaborate on a brew. Sometimes each collaboration partner would brew “their version” at their own facility (but not always).

For the ALL TOGETHER. The Brewer gave its recipe for everyone to use it for a cause.

A Collab is where 2 brewers elaborated a recipe together and without matter where it is brewed between the concerned brewers. The problem with the site is that it can’t handle more than 1brewer for an entry and it doesn’t have a Collab option in the Beer creation so it is listed on a single brewer.

Some create an entry for each brewer but we don’t do it in my area since it can get confusing which entry was brewed where and the site doesn’t have many reviews per entry to start with resulting in weaker weighted average when the same product is in duplicate.

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CONCLUSION: no collab but add “otherhalf all together” as tag


ALL TOGETHER as a tag would work not OTHERHALF ALL TOGETHER :slight_smile:



We did more or less the same with Vuur & Vlam from De Molen, they shared the recipe with all attending breweries for Borefts Beer Festival that year. The brewers were able to play with the recipe a bit, iirc. They were not listed as collabs.