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When a beer festival has gone too far:

They are getting to be too greedy, $100 for GA? Why would anyone want to cram 30 or so beers in a few hours just to break even, instead of having a relaxed tasting of flights at a place like The Ginger Man, for example? Even that would mean a set of 4 flights for $14 or so!. The value of accessing hard to find brands has diminished a lot nowadays, with the ubiquity of novel brews everywhere you go.

I agree with you.
This event is 5 hours, btw.
I never liked the American format, timed sessions, usually 4 hours, for the same reason: induces you to drink as much/fast as possible.
When I was in Europe, the first one to bring in the format was Mikkeller with CBC. I never went, fuck the rarity.
I was going instead to the Copenhagen Beer Festival, 12 hours (sometimes 14 hours), no rush.
I still tick a lot, but I usually don’t go to festivals.

No doubt that the organizers enjoy getting the double income selling 2 sessions a day.
But if the buyers swallow that, it’s their fault :man_shrugging:

There’s a festival in Vancouver, next week; 4 hours, 120$.
One friend told me “30 new ticks, reasonable value”.
Another friend told me “I’ll drink lambic for 4 hours” (he probably wants to spend the next day on the toilet).
These don’t seem strong arguments. There will be very good beers, but I can’t have a good time if I “have” to drink 120$ worth of beer in 4 hours.

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Who cares about cost, I have no desire for these beers.

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And you know them both…

I forgot to convert to Canadian dollars :slight_smile:

I like sweet Imperial Stout, and if vanilla, coconut, peanut butter, maple, pecans, other nuts are defined “pastry stout”, I’m all for that.

But the description “adjunct fantasyland of sweet and savory flavors” is repellent!

I thought for sure the date was going to be 4/1, but alas this appears to be real…

holy shit a real discussion broke out!

I baited them with pastry stout.