Oulu: Sahti?

Any Oulu types lurking around the forum?

My aunt is going to bring some beers over for me from Oulu (ie Maistila and Sonnisaari). However I was also going to ask for some Sahti. But would this be sending her off on a wild Kärpät chase? Alko online didn’t have any in stock when I checked.

@beardedavenger - last time I was over in Finland one could order in advance the 2 variants of Sahti that Finlandia had. They were kindly waiting for me when i popped by the local Alko. If that is not working - post in the Finish forum. But remember that Sahti travels best well chilled during the entire trip…

If local Alkos don’t have Sahti, it is impossible to get as the closest Sahti breweries (and Alko shops selling it) are in the southern Finland. So your only chance is to have someone travelling from South to Oulu with some Sahti.

EDIT: Just check Alko pages and Alko Oulu Haukipudas and Alko Oulu Keskusta Pekuri have 1-3 bottles of Finlandia sahti. Very limited …

Yeah, sahti is usually not available in Oulu, the closest Alko that regularly has it is in Jyväskylä. Kinda surprising the website now shows having 1 bottle in Keskusta Pekuri, having never seen it there. I suspect that bottle isn’t on the shelves, rather it’s reserved for someone who has ordered it. You (or your aunt) can order Finlandia Sahti to Oulu, but it’ll take a week give or take.

Kiitos kaikiille. Have got a cousin on to it. When I looked at the English language section of the Alko website it said that Sahti was not available but will have another look.