OutCiders tally doesn't add up all after style changes

The OutCiders tally doesn’t add up all the relevant styles since the style changes - wonder if this issue also affects other User Group lists


i.e. OutCiders tally = Mead, Apple Cider, Apple Cider - Ice/Fire/Fortified, and Perry

but is missing these: Apple Cider - Flavoured, Apple Cider - Hopped, Mead - Melomel/Fruited, Mead - Braggot/Hopped, Mead - Metheglin/Spiced/Herbs

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there is so many issues with current style page its crazy (no changes in months either) so not surprising things aren’t pulling correct. Maybe I’ll start a thread highlighting all issues there if I get a chance this week

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weizenv�lker does not work correctly either.