P&O Cruise Ships!

I have just returned from a 14 day cruise with P&O. Really pleased to see Batemans XXXB and Adnams Ghost Ship on hand-pull (Key-Keg obviously). Sadly they ran out of the Batemans after a week.

I did manage a new rate though, Harvey’s Jolly Olly was on tap in one of the bars.

They also had such delights as Pedigree and John Smith’s in keg form, plus Stella, Peroni and Fosters for the lager drinkers. Bottles of Carib, Doombar and even cans of Carling!

Ports of call were fun, but my sister-in-law has trouble walking too far, so my beer hunting was severely compromised when on shore, as I had to be ‘nice’ and pace myself (my wife told me so).


Presumably that Jolly Olly should be aliased to one of Harvey’s other beers. Looks like it’s just a rebadged Star of Eastbourne or suchlike.

No idea, but the only other rating is from a bottle at the brewery.


Untappd have a few hits.