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Pacific Coast Roadtrip Beer stop ideas

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this website/forum, but not beer!

I will be doing a road trip from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA this summer (about 5-6 days, it’s flexible) and am planning my beer stops. The goal is deviate as less as possible from the 101 coast but still make this a memorable beer stop trip. There are A TON of awesome stops, here’s what I have thus far:

  1. Modern Times
  2. Bottle Logic
  3. The Bruery
  4. Monkish Brewing
  5. Firestone Walker (Paso Robles)
  6. Santa Adairus
  7. Drake’s brewing
  8. Almanac beer Co
  9. Cellarmaker Brewing
  10. Lagunitas Brewing
  11. Russian River Brewing
    +/- Sierra Nevada?

Haven’t started planning for Oregon or Washington yet, but too excite to not start this topic.

Of note, not many San Diego breweries in my list as I have visited many of them (Societe, Stone, MT, Port/Lost Abbey, Alesmith, Whitelabs, Culture, Belching Beaver, Green Flash, Alpine, Ballast, Coronado brewing, Deft, Karl Strauss, Mikkeller, Mission, Mother Earth, New English)

The area around Monkish is teaming with breweries, so it would be a shame to not visit Smog City, Cosmic, The Dudes, etc…

Close to Bottle Logic is Green Cheek, which has some diggity dank IPAs.

I liked Alpine Brewing a lot, though not quite coastal. Burgeon Brewing in Carlsbad would be an easy stop. They had the best IPAs I had in San Diego, at least of the Southern Hemisphere/Hazy variety.

Sierra Nevada is no where near the coast.

If you’re still on the coast north of SF, then North Coast in Fort Bragg. Pelican and Rogue in Oregon. Those will cover the old school breweries (Pelican has an awesome place).

Lots of places around Russian River depending on what you like.

Libertine is great. Santa Barbara has a lot of good spots.

Did a part of that trip 2 years ago, SF - Santa Rosa - SD.
In SF Cellarmaker and Almanac where great, some great beer stores aswell.
Russian River is amazing, there is another nice place close by, and a few fine breweries in the northen part of the city. We stayed at a hotel there and Ubered between them.
We stopped for a short visit at Santa Adarius in Santa Cruz on our drive south, and ill like to go back very much. Great vibe and superb beers.
Alpine and Modern Times in SD are great aswell.

Hmm now i wanna get back to Cali :slight_smile:

I drove up the Oregon coast into Washington last Autumn. De Garde is definitely a must (and the nearby Tillamook factory for a grilled cheese sandwich and ice cream)… There’s a few Pelicon brewpubs but their beer is in every grocery store, so we passed.

Yachats is a decent brewpub right on the highway with a surprisingly varied selection.

Then in Astoria there’s quite a few along the boardwalk… although if a cruise ship’s just docked you’ll never get a seat. Buoy’s worth a visit to watch the seals sleeping under the floor… Rogue was good if you didn’t stop off at the brewery on the coast.

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