Pale Ale style - how to add them (Hops in the name determines the style)


Just tidying up some beer entries this morning.

I’ve noticed a lot of beers entered as the catch all ‘Pale Ale’ style recently.

This is fine if there’s no hops listed or there’s a mix of hops from different countries.

But if the beer clearly contains one or two listed hops, Mosaic and Centennial in a recent example, then it should be an APA … even if it’s called simply a ‘pale ale’ on the badge.

Plenty folks get this concept but some users need to just dig below the detail a little and look at the hops (if listed).

If unsure you can always ask on the forum.

I’ve even seen beers clearly called a ‘Gold’ on the badge and with no hops listed, entered as a ‘Pale Ale’. This just makes me think people are trying to boost style numbers for their own benefit as cannot see the logic in adding as a pale!


Fair point. I’ve seen many beers that fit another category still classified as Pale Ales and I am sure I’ve been drunkenly/lazily guilty of same on occasion.

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It’s one of my pet hates on here. Especially when it’s a beer called US Hopped Pale Ale or whatever.

(My other one is people adding IPAs as ESBs… brewer’s intent MOFOs.)

Yeah, boohiss to whoever put Greene King IPA as a bitter… :smiling_imp:


There are exceptions to every rule and it’s that.

This one is showing as 'pale ale’

but is a duplicate of this other beer that is a ‘blonde ale / golden ale

Probably should be a golden beer…

I’ve deleted the first entry … no ticks or rates

Left the 2nd alone … was added before the generic ‘pale style’ … would be fine if it was pale but not unpicking now

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Not looking to over-complicate but why are pale ales distinguished by country whereas IPA and double IPA are not? If an American brewery makes a pale ale using American grown fuggles is that still an APA?


Just curious… How is Greene King IPA classified? Seems like there are a lot of jokes waiting to be made here…

As ‘shit’ !

Bumping this and retitled as still getting a lot of beers coming through as ‘pale ale’ when clearly APA

I hope this isn’t the case of folks farming style for their own benefits because it only adds additional time on admin to work either at verification stage or beer issue report for those that made it through previously. I know @Marko (more so because time zone), and I usually jump on the beer issue report.

Thanks to the work @Theydon_Bois has been doing to clean this up and hopefully we as site will continue to progress forward in a productive way on this topic.

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I just took a nose and the beer is described as a ‘pale hoppy bitter’ on here. However the pump clips actually states ‘pale hoppy beer’. Whether that has changed?

“Straw-coloured and refreshingly dry, this hoppy ale is brewed with a blend of Cascade, Wakatu and Summit hops for a spicy, savoury aroma and lasting bitterness.”

what beer we talking about here?

That Rat un.

Checked it out. It was added by the person who verified it, who appears to have made an honest mistake, not to be faulted, by copying the description off of Untappd, where someone likely made a mistake initially or got “creative”. It just says “pale hoppy beer” everywhere. Not that there are many direct sources online.

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