Pale Ale style - there's really not that many of them!


Just tidying up some beer entries this morning.

I’ve noticed a lot of beers entered as the catch all ‘Pale Ale’ style recently.

This is fine if there’s no hops listed or there’s a mix of hops from different countries.

But if the beer clearly contains one or two listed hops, Mosaic and Centennial in a recent example, then it should be an APA … even if it’s called simply a ‘pale ale’ on the badge.

Plenty folks get this concept but some users need to just dig below the detail a little and look at the hops (if listed).

If unsure you can always ask on the forum.

I’ve even seen beers clearly called a ‘Gold’ on the badge and with no hops listed, entered as a ‘Pale Ale’. This just makes me think people are trying to boost style numbers for their own benefit as cannot see the logic in adding as a pale!


Fair point. I’ve seen many beers that fit another category still classified as Pale Ales and I am sure I’ve been drunkenly/lazily guilty of same on occasion.

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It’s one of my pet hates on here. Especially when it’s a beer called US Hopped Pale Ale or whatever.

(My other one is people adding IPAs as ESBs… brewer’s intent MOFOs.)

Yeah, boohiss to whoever put Greene King IPA as a bitter… :smiling_imp:

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There are exceptions to every rule and it’s that.

This one is showing as 'pale ale’

but is a duplicate of this other beer that is a ‘blonde ale / golden ale

Probably should be a golden beer…

I’ve deleted the first entry … no ticks or rates

Left the 2nd alone … was added before the generic ‘pale style’ … would be fine if it was pale but not unpicking now

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Not looking to over-complicate but why are pale ales distinguished by country whereas IPA and double IPA are not? If an American brewery makes a pale ale using American grown fuggles is that still an APA?


Just curious… How is Greene King IPA classified? Seems like there are a lot of jokes waiting to be made here…

As ‘shit’ !