Pannepot: differences between bottles/versions?

Hi, I managed to buy 5 interesting versions of Pannepot (which are not by me yet, my brother-in-law will bring me in few weeks), and I would like to know some information about the differences between some of these beers, for example how much time they exactly spent in the barrels, and if there is some difference between the beers in 37.5cl bottles and the same beers in 33cl bottles.
These are some of the beers:

  1. Struise Pannepot Grand Reserva Calvados Barrel Aged 2011 37.5cl
  2. Struise Pannepot Grand Reserva 33cl - vintage 2011

On the shop’s website where I bought them is written that the first one has spent 5 years in Calvados barrels, while the second bottle the last 10 months. Is it true?
And I noticed also that the Grand Reserva in the 33cl bottle has 10% alcohol, while the Grand Reserva in the 37.5 cl bottle (same year, 2011) has 10.1% alcohol, what’s the reason of this 0.1% alcohol difference?
I also bought the Reserva Bourbon Barrel Aged 2012 37.5cl, and also that has 10.1% alcohol. Maybe the longer barrel aging added some extra alcohol? I’m just trying to guess what can be the reason :slight_smile:

I think your beer #1 is this one:

whereas beer #2 is

I would not believe ABV listings to be accurate enough to distinguish 0.1% in 10% beers.

Thank you for your answer.
Yes, I found already the beers here, just I had those questions. The ABV is written on the labels, so if Struise wrote it differently I was thinking there could be a reason :slight_smile: and I was curious to know what is that reason.
Now I also wrote an email to them, hoping they will answer :slight_smile: let’s see! In the case I will write it here too!

I received now a nice and detailed answer from Struise brewery :slight_smile:
About the alcohol content you were right:
“The alcohol levels changing from 10 to 10,1 % abv is more a subject of accuracy than anything else :slight_smile: sorry for that.”