Paris week 42

Hi there

Ill be visiting Paris from saturday 13th to 20th oktober.
I have been looked at the places section to get an idea of wich places to visit.
But still interested in advise about newer places that might be interesting.

Looked at Google Maps around the area we are staying shows a Brussels Beer project bar/taproom at Pigalle thats not on Ratebeer.
Any other places missing that might be worth a visit ?

Since ill be traveling with family and my grandkids (1-5-7 years old)
Is it accepted to bring kids to brewpubs / bars doing the day ?

Thanks in advance for any advise

Hi Rene

You should try to visit Paname Brewing Company - great location, set on the Bassin de la Villette just a few minutes from Gare du Nord, if the weather is good the family can go boating whilst you make a start on their beers (and saw a lady with a pram there when I visited last month).


Hi Graham

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Paname was allready on my list, also looks like there is another small brewery (Atalante) nearby. Ill check them out one of the days.

Just around the corner from our rented flat there is a 20 tap Brussel Beer Project bar, not bad.

Sadly once again its clear to me that Untappd is far more helpfull for reseach that RB while travelling.