Pastry Stouts

The Mango IPA of Stouts. Anyone else beyond tired of these?


Never heard of it.

Not heard of it either but if anyone brews a Pork Pie Stout I wanna nail it.

Are you thinking about this stuff?

If you’re talking about adjunct stouts in general, then no, I’m not tired of these, yet.

generally boring, I agree.

But the occasional masterpiece that shines above them all (like Double Barrel Noa) is worth all the mediocre tries imho.

I think they are delicious, but I do experience some level of saturation. I also miss the heavily roasted bitter stuff a bit.

I’m extremely tired of them. Barely even appreciate the good ones any more.

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It took me months to really figure out what a “pastry stout” was. I’m still not 100% certain what constitutes one. Is it just something that is really sugary? Tastes sugary? Has ingredients like vanilla, coffee, cinnamon, chocolate added to the extreme? Liquid diabetes?

Many are good in small quantities, but I don’t really feel the need to drink more than a few ounces in an evening and don’t really seek them out, ever. Still plenty of “traditional” stouts/imperial stouts/RIS, that exist that just don’t get any hype. Old Rasputin is still my go-to after 12 years of doing this.


Basically the reason why I rate :smiley: No I’m not tired of them. But variation is always nice.

It all seems to come back to rarity. When the new style, whatever it is - dessert stout or BBA impy or NEIPA - is only available by trading or at the brewery 1000 miles away, it’s the best beer ever. When a great example is made on your doorstep, it’s boring.

It seems we only ever start talking about styles becoming boring when they start being made well in Europe.

This. This is how a feel about the majority of hyped imperial stouts, actually.


Me too man. Essentially you’re right. Had someone confirm this to me recently. It’s basically any stout (usually of imperial strength) with adjuncts added, usually sweet things like the ingredients you’ve mentioned, often giving it a sweet and/or spicy cake-like or dessert flavour. Pastry stout is apparently a derogatory term for them, “Adjunct Stout” being the actual term.

The reason I’m personally not tired of them is because I don’t drink them regularly, and wouldn’t want to. They’re the kind of beers I’ll have every so often as a treat, and for the most part I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve had. Of course everyone has their preferred styles, but I think if you drink anything repeatedly you’re most likely going to get tired of it at some point and crave something different.

Variety is the spice… and all that.

then I have to admit that I absolutely love cinnamon Stouts.

THIS! Exactly this.