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Peak haziness

Just went to a big beer festival in DC, as well as visits to many breweries and beer bars in Reno, SF and beer stores. I feel as if we’ve reached peak haziness. Snallygaster, for example, is normally a pretty diverse festival with all kinds of different brews, but this year it was pretty much just hazies, milkshake hazies, sour IPAs and sours of every sort (including goses and berliners). Even the stouts were minimal, surprisingly, and the previous fad of saisons has started to die down.

While I like a good hazy as much as the next beer nerd, I definitely feel like my enthusiasm is starting to wane. Maybe it’s just because when hazies started, it was a handful of good breweries who knew their stuff making them. Now, every neighbourhood brewer is trying to jump on the bandwagon. I swear I wrote “green onion and mango” so many ratings recently. I’ve actually started to avoid them on tap at breweries sometimes, though it’s often not possible.

Also, was amped in SF to have a few old school WC IPAs with actual malt and backbone, bitterness.

Anyway, probably this fad will pass like all the fads, and comparatively it’s much better than the pumpkin beer fad. But this one definitely seems to be monopolizing beer style choices more than previous fads. Thoughts?


I often complain about how many hazy IPAs there are everywhere, but then, I’ve also rated 141 hazy DIPAs in the last 6 months, which is 50 more than the next most rated style, which is, er, hazy IPA, so I’m also a massive hypocrite who should be ashamed of himself. It appears I am an accidental hazebro. :cry:


Totally agree that it is pushing other styles out, especially when breweries make 15 varieties of very similar IPAs and then make 2 or 3 other beers. I like good IPAs too, but some people should stay in their lane. I have great respect for Oxbow and Allagash who don’t play that game, or Tired Hands, which remains very balanced in its offerings.


Ya this exactly.

It’s like haze is ruining the biodiversity of beer

Tap list at Ellipsis Brewing here in Orlando (in fairness the 6 taps not pictured are not NEIPA)

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But but but a red ale!! Now that’s something to get excited about…:rofl::rofl:

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Currently drinking a hazed IPA collab between a 10 year old craft godfather and a 3 year old craft newcomer specialising in haze. Its standard haze, smooth, light, dank & fruity in all the right places, but with new artwork. No complaints on the beer itself, just nothing different to 100 other haze IPAs. Feels like im in a craft beer scooby doo cartoon where the same beer keeps appearing down the corridor as they’re chasing some fiend or criminal.


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