Personal Beer Ratings List enhancement for Date

Could it be possible classify the beer by “updated date” instead that the “rating added date”. Seems way more relevant that way.

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I prefer the way it is - makes it easy to see when I had it. When I had it first usually isn’t in it, since I try to do a beer once. I do have accidents tho.

Give us a setting to toggle instead. So it doesn’t matter which way people prefer they can just choose.

And related to this. Can we get ISO standard date formats instead of American? I know you’re an American company but come on, you have a huge international userbase.


GMT. If you will.

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+1. Because sometimes a simple like isn’t enough…

…and don’t forget to adjust for BST.

Most of my “rerates” are me reading a review months later and needing to correct spelling mistakes. If the updated date was going to be the main one for my rating then it would need to have a check box for ‘new rating’ in the same way places do.


I do this a lot too.