Peterborough 21 (and maybe 22) Jan

Sorry for the short notice. @travlr is in the area for a while & I am only an hour away by train so we thought to meet up on Saturday 21 January for a Peterborough crawl.

I’m thinking we could hit 10+ places on the day (including a couple of nearby areas). This may be ambitious so theres the possibility of me coming back the next day to mop up (it’s cheaper for me to take another train the next day than to stay).

Places i think might be worth a gander:

Frothblowers, Werrington
Hand & Heart (I want to see their R2D2)

Bumble Inn
Brewery Tap
Blind Tiger
Bottle & Board

Palmerston Arms
Yard of Ale
Wonky Donkey, Fletton

Is anybody interested?

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Im not in the market for coming but you may wish to realign your days / dates.

19 Jan is a Thursday a week today!

Yeah, I’ve been doing that all month. I have no clue what date it is. Duly edited, thanks for the heads up

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I really need to pop to the Bottle and Board I’ve heard good things. Stoneworks has been a go to for me since it opened. Also like the Bumble and blind tiger. Not a fan of charters due to the angle of the floor.

Just don’t drink too many Rutland beers. They always seem to have something new from Bakers Dozen in Charters.

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I’d say the Iceni mead selection is what makes the floor uneven at Charters, also keep a look out for Hubz ciders which are available around Peterborough

Respect goes to @SHIG for getting whole Iceni range for his round on Peterborough crawl with me and @Grumbo


You’re still a good bit ahead for Rutland rates just now, and they are getting harder to get, even at the Rutland Beer Festival you only get 2 or 3 new ones.

Heres an idea… Rutland Beer Festival meetup this year? Its a nice little location at the Rutland Museum and you can always combine it with a Grainstore visit

Wow. I’m sold! Although i always try to get to Charters when im in Pboro!

How was it?

Really great thanks. Never been drinking with @travlr before and it was a fantastic day. There are enough good beer bars in Peterborough for a day out, three of which were new to me. I’d say that the scene is certainly less ‘safe’ than Leicester with quite a few very good beers drunk. Highlight might have been a 13% de Struise Black Damnation stout at £3.40 for a third, or the Iceni meads at Charters. I missed the Lithuanian restaurant but i had to make my train.

Highly recommended!


The Iceni meads were a very good tip. Thanks!

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