Philadelphia (PA) August 2024


This summer, I’ll be traveling with my family (my wife and our 7-year-old kid) for two weeks along the East Coast of the United States. It’s my first time going to this area, and I’m really looking forward to it.

We’ll be spending two nights in Philadelphia. Since I’ll be with my family, I can only visit a couple of breweries a day, and I want to try local beer. So, places that offer tastings and allow kids would be perfect.

We’re staying in the city center (around 12/13th & Locust Street Station).

I’ve got a few spots near our place on my list: “Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant,” “Love City Brewing,” and “Triple Bottom Brewery.” I’d like to visit Human Robot too, but it seems a bit far from the downtown, and I’m not sure if there’s anything interesting nearby to convince my wife to go.

For sightseeing, I’ve noted Reading Terminal Market, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Franklin Institute, and the Museum of Art. Since we are traveling with a kid with us, we might not get to see everything.
We’d also like to explore some less touristy neighborhoods (like Italian Market or Passyunk), but I’m not sure we’ll have time for that.

Any recommendations, especially for restaurants, beer shops, or breweries around the tourist spots I mentioned, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


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So I live in Philadelphia (very close to where you are staying), and I would be happy to meet up if you would want.

The good news for you is that there is a Human Robot location on 24th and Walnut, which is much closer. The original location does not allow kids after 2pm.

Philadelphia has basically functional public transit and cheap ubers, so I would not restrict myself to the immediate area, but even so, walking to many other neighborhoods is very doable.

Would recommend getting sandwiches at Angelo’s by Italian Market. Cartesian Brewing is relatively close by there as well and worth checking out. If you take the subway from Center City, you can also go to Second District, one of the better breweries in the city.

Many of the best breweries in the city are in the Northern Liberties, Fishtown and Kensington area. Sacred Vice, Other Half, Fermentery Form (if it is open), along with St. Oner’s (Tired Hands Taproom) and Source Urban Brewery are where you will get the best beer (and to a large extent, food) in the city.


Relatively close to the Phialadelphia Art Museum are Bar Hygge and Crime and Punishment, both of which are worth visiting, along with the bottleshop/bar Rybrew.

Foodwise Reading Terminal Market is great. Dinic’s has the most famous roast pork sandwich, and there is an old school ice cream shop there that is worth your time, plus a number of other vendors.

Love City and Triple Bottom are OK, but not the most kid friendly, especially if it is loud that day. Love City does have an outdoor beer garden though.

In Old City, near the liberty bell and independence hall, there is Glory and Khyber Pass, both of which are good beer bars.

You will also be staying near Monk’s Cafe, which is not super exciting for Europeans, but they have Russian River and Hill Farmstead on tap often.

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What’s the rest of this east coast itinerary?

May thanks for the recommendations.

It would be great to meet up and share a couple of beers. With the kid, it’s a bit tricky to make plans so far in advance, but let’s stay in touch.

I’ll add Rybrew and Crime & Punishment to the itinerary, I’m definitely going to need those beers after climbing the Art Museum steps Rocky style :slight_smile: Are this places kid-friendly around late evening?. Also, according to Google Maps, from there we can take bus number 48 which takes us back to the hotel.

Philadelphia - 26/27 August
New York City - 28/01 September
Washington DC - 02/05 September
Rockville (MD) - 06/07 September

We have a friend working in Rockville at the National Institute of Standards & Technology, so we will take the opportunity to visit him and his wife for a couple of days. From Rockville, our plans include visiting Frederick (MD), Gettysburg, or Baltimore… we’ll see.

Probably, i will open another thread asking where I can get a West Baltimore tick in Washington DC xD

Rybrew should be fine later with kids. Crime and Punishment has outdoor seating so that should be fine, but no one will atop you from taking your kid to C&P. 48 Bus does not run super frequently. I would take it if you know it is coming soon (live tracking on Septa site), but otherwise would take a $10-15 uber ride.

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Dang! Miss you by a day in DC. Would have liked to meet up.

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I would say that Monk’s a top place to visit no matter where one is from. The RR alone is worth it but it’s a true beer (Belgian-y) bar.

I live in Bmore and would be happy to meet up when you are in the area and happy to answer any questions when you are planning that leg of the trip.

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