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Photos@ratebeer.com Mailbox Full

Looks like the mailbox for photos is full?

Got this in response to 2 I sent today:


The e-mail message could not be delivered because the user’s mailfolder is full.

Since there is still somehow no way to upload a photo for a beer unless you are adding it, it would be great to get this fixed…

OR EVEN BETTER… Just let us upload pictures when there isn’t currently a picture regardless of who added the beer.


There is currently a known, ahem, “issue”, with that email account. I’ve just given the admin thread about it a bump.

Thanks, I did a search before posting, but I think we all know how that goes…

The only thread about it should only be visible to admins, so you’re all good.

This ever get resolved?

Yes, the mailbox is not full any longer. Quite a few pictures to process, but they’ll all be added/updated slowly but surely.

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