After reading Bladdocks post about his trip to Bruges and all the photos of the bars and beers it got me wondering why such an option isnt available to upload photos with your place or beer ratings. Has this been brought up before? Is it possible?

I think a lot of us take photos when we’re out & about, and it would certainly help get a feel of bars before visiting. I’ve been to a few new ones in Lille & Bruges the past few days and all of them looked completely different to how i imagined!


While at like the idea, I wouldn’t like it if an idea like this would become the devs focus right now. There’s a lot of QoL fixing to do and a big new feature like this would disrupt the flow of things too much.

Basically, I want them to perfect what they have first and then start adding totally new features.

There used to be pics. Maybe not many allowed, but around 10 or so? Link seems to have gone. Can’t remember which page it was on, but think it was on profile page. Storage was on a non-RB site. It was a popular site, but I’ve forgotten the name. @supporthelp

That would be great if each rater could had a single picture of the place or the beer they rate, Would bring more colour to the site.
And that way, they could let the main beer/place picture used for Search and Description to admins.

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Yep, would be a lot more interactive, and more appealing to new raters. Any thoughts @joet ?

It would also mean more data for me to download whenever I’m rating a beer on a festival.

It would probably also increase server load.

This? I think the old system was just a link to a different site with no other connection to RB. But the pictures came back to RB as I recall. So do it again, but have another window pop up* that’s not RB. Shouldn’t do too much to load - programming headache perhaps.

*sorry, app afficianados

It was Flickr.
The option to add your ID is still there in account settings but it hasn’t actually done anything for years. I mean it was broken when I joined RB in 2015, I’ve no idea how long it was broken before then.