Picking up Foreign Country Beer Ticks Domestically

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to see best recommendations for picking up foreign country rates/ticks while here in the US. Seems like I’ve hit a wall recently at 64. I know trades abroad are possible. I wanted to see if there was a tip to buying beer in places outside the box, for instance am I more likely to find beers in bodegas or stores in culturally diverse areas. I.E. is it logical for me to find a Haitian beer in a Haitian part of a city?

Any help is appreciated.

In NYC, Haitian beer is pretty easily available. I have seen it in supermarkets, same with a number of Caribbean countries which are easy to get in the Carib parts of town. Ethiopian beer is often at Ethiopian restaurants… had South African beer at one too (in DC). Polish beer is readily available all over NYC in Polish delis. I think it depends what state you are in, but in New York there are tons of tricks. Also Total Wine in Virginia is where I got a lot of Central America ticks.

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Do you find this strategy also works in Asian parts of town?

I can get Filipino and Taiwanese beer definitely in restaurants. Think I have seen Taiwanese, Chinese beer and Japanese beer in Asian supermarkets in Maryland, Virginia and NY. Laotian beer I think Infound usually in beer stores, same with Sri Lankan. Indian restaurants generally have terrible Indian beer.

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The problem is the supply is not reliable. The other day I went all the way to Woodside from Manhattan to tick a Bolivian beer, but the tiny restaurant that’s supposed to have it had run out of it! Still had a nice lunch though :grin:

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I live in Dearborn (a very high Arabic population) and we get UAE beers but they are unrateable by the standards of the site unfortunately.

Is it because they never had alcohol rather than had the alcohol removed?

It’s a combination of that and they are fruity, more like alcopop than beer. The regular version is Low Alcohol, but I can’t find that one around here.

I’m not familiar with the UAE beers, what makes them unrateable?

I apologize didn’t see you answered that right away.

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Well, they are all non-alcoholic but the ones they sell here are more like drinking Smirnoff Ice.

3 entries I’ve found very challenging. But I would have thought easy:

Puerto Rico

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You know, I would love to try beer from different countries. But I’ve found that harder countries brew shitty beer, pale lager garbage. I’ve been focusing my efforts on international beer, recently, but from countries who make good beer.

I agree with that. It’s always been a challenge I guess to tick the next country. It seems like that game has come to an end for now for me.

I also agree in focusing on the better nations for beer. I tend to focus on quality overall from whatever I find it available.

Two more nations that has been surprisingly challenging

Hungary & South Africa

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Hungary is surprising here too. We have a large Hungarian population in metro Detroit too.

Recently some Lebanon beers have come, but I haven’t had the heart to tell the guy at the store to break up a six pack so I can just get one.

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Is Lebanon a hard tick?

Portugal can be had at Nando,s Peri Peri. I had my first taste of Sagres at one of the DC locations. I have no idea if Wales is doable in the US. PR was brought over from the island.